What To Wear and What To Bring in a Photo shoot?

Here are the following ideas and things to consider when thinking of what to wear for each type of Photo shoots. Also, added are the suggested simple props which are just available around.


Be Yourself! πŸ™‚ Wear something you are comfortable wearing because ifyou’re not, that’s what you will remember whenever you scan your photos. Buying new clothes for a photo shoot isn’t necessary, you can go check your closet and be a little creative and resourceful. If you just do_DSC3037n’t have idea how to look stylish, fashion blogs and articles are all over the internet.
Consider the season. Consider the theme that you like. Say you’re both in to 80’s fashion or you want a modern themed styles. Dress for your location.
For the ladies, always choose fitted clothes over baggy ones. it’s nice to wear a pair of boots ‘coz it can make your legs look great!Also, heels help you maintain a better posture. Hair and make up artist can help you look way way better.
For the gentlemen, get a collared shirt, it makes you look flattering aside that it frames your face. A nice pair of jeans and dress shoes would be good.
Generally, you can bring two outfits, one dressy outfit and one casual outfit. πŸ™‚ Iron your clothes because I don’t Photoshop them. Wear something that compliments your partner’s clothes but don’t overdo it. I mean, don’t match all colors, for goodness sake!
Check out photos below for examples.
* Remember to get your nails done! For couple shoots, it’s almost always one of the focuses.
Props: Β In fact, almost every ordinary things that you use everyday could be _DSC3057 (2)part of your photos! If you’re in to music, your earphone would be enough! Or you can bring music instruments like guitar, flute, tambourine and a lot more of your own choice., if you want.
If you have a beautiful chair and it’s not very hassle to bring it somewhere, i tell you it would be great!
Think of the things that you like, that you always use and you’d love to see in your pictures. If you’re a bookworm, books are great props! If you like cooking, well which utensils you want to use for a creative shot? So you see, you don’t really need to buy a lot of stuff to be creative, just be resourceful! πŸ™‚
Following are suggested props: hat, flowers,bike,nice blanket, bubbles,balloons, umbrella,drinks like shakes, foods like muffin or ice cream, etc…
For Engagement Shoot, there are those who find time to prepare for their own props. Like the written date of their wedding, the i love you messages on the board, that’s pretty awesome if you really prepare for your photo shoot! I encourage that.
I personally want to have my own new born photographs but I have to wait till I have a new one. haha! Baby colored blankets are sure enough for backgrounds especially for indoor shoots. I’ve seen lots of new born photography where in the baby is naked and is half body wrapped in a blanket, it gives details of the baby skin, how tender their faces & bodies are.3

Moms, don’t worry too much about them being naked, it’s not going to take long to have a nice shot. Anyway, newborn babies are easier to take photos than kids because kids are so active and impatient in front of the camera. So there, prepare a light colored blanket.
If you have cute hoods which has animal designs, that’s a great props. Picnic basket is a nice bed for the baby. For kids, you can bring toys to help me catch their attention. Not all of kids are fond of posing in front of the camera, so something that will make them busy would be a good stuff to use. The most important thing is to capture the moments, the laughter, sweet smile and the cute crying face.
I don’t really need to mention what to wear in this. Of all the type of photo shoots, it’s the type which you don’t need to bring anything but your confident self.


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