Photoshoot at Narvacan Ilocos


Perhaps, this vacation was really meant for us! 🙂 It was an urgent decision for us to come to this place because we have  clients asking for a tour package in Ilocos. Narvacan is where my brother lives at this time. From their house it would take 5-10 minutes drive to Noah’s ark mountain. Along it flows a beautiful river to the sea. Yes, it’s connected just at the other side of the road! So in their place they all have what you want to see! Mountains, river and sea! We stayed there in Ilocos for 1 week. We started our tour , of course, in Narvacan, then to Vigan, Paoay Beach and to Pagudpud. We decided to have our photoshoot at the end of our stay so we can be more relaxed in taking pictures. I managed to take good shots for Genell, my friend, and ate Jo-ann, my sister-in-law, in just a few minutes. I was actually in a hurry since the sun is about to set, and when it does, it’s so fast! I was almost broken hearted when I realized the sun was down and I didn’t have that much good photos. My dress dropped somewhere while we were riding the tricycle home. Thank goodness to this helpful driver, Jonathan, who patiently looked for it on the road where we’ve been to. He returned it to me and I am so grateful for him! I asked my husband to take pictures of me on the river and the sea, since that’s what I have really planned to take photos at the very first place. 🙂 My husband is improving a lot in taking pictures! Yeyyy! That means I’m a very good teacher, hahah! VP_2014_00001-13 This is a sweet spot where a couple can have a date or a family have a picnic. 🙂 At the back of it is the view of the Noah’s Ark mountain. I like Genell’s smile here, and the shades of green color makes this picture cool. I think it was about quarter to four in the afternoon. Picture below gives me a feeling that she’s a cow girl in a ranch. Haha! Beautiful cow girl huh! VP_2014_00001-15 VP_2014_00001-22 VP_2014_00001-34Here’s an excerpt from wikipedia about why this place is called Narvacan; “Narvacan was discovered by a Spanish expeditionary force sent from Vigan by the military officer and navigator, Captain Juan de Salcedo. The Spanish expeditionary force was shipwrecked along the town’s coast. When they were being rescued by the natives, the Spaniards asked the natives what was the name of their place. The resident’s leader replied in an Ilocano dialect by asking the Spaniards “Nalbakan?” (Are you shipwrecked?). The Spaniards thought this to be the answer to their question, and from then on the place was referred to as Narvacan.” There you go! The Noah’s Ark Mountain! It looks like a very big ship like Noah’s that upturned so they call it Noah’s Ark. VP_2014_00001-23 Marimar! Nah, that’s Genell. She changed outfit that actually fits the place! Now we’re on the seaside. I think that the colors of the grass make this picture more beautiful. The setting is perfect but I have to admit that this isn’t a perfect shot I made. ( We were rushing) VP_2014_00001-4VP_2014_00001-19vp_2014_00003.

Thanks to my sister-in-law, Jo-ann, for this photo. 🙂 So natural huh. VP_2014_00001-26

Now these shots are taken by my husband. 🙂 I’m floating in the air! Hahaha! I love it!VP_2014_00001-9 The sun has set, but my husband still managed to take a good shot here. 🙂 I love the sky! Not a perfect pose though. haha!VP_2014_00001-3 I love my posing on this one! I feel like I’m so fresh and free! The current of this river is getting stronger. The wind from the sea is pushing the water back! waaah!VP_2014_00001-7

Now this one is taken under the bridge. See that river flowing to the sea? Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. VP_2014_00001-6

I got wet already and I really intended to enjoy the sand formation here. So beautifully carved by the water and the wind. 🙂 collage4VP_2014_00001-29VP_2014_00002-7collage3 I took this picture just after the sun has set. Imagined how many times my husband did this to my son to get a perfect shot! You bet my son loved it! haha!VP_2014_00001-10 Oblation? Grrr husband, that was dangerous! At the back of him is the deep ocean. By the way this place is called “pantalan”. VP_2014_00001-11VP_2014_00001-14 Someone said this photos is definitely for printing! I have taken this at Paoay Beach, at the side of it is the Sandunes! Amazing place!!! And look at my son! Enjoying the sand! collage7VP_2014_00001 I fell in love with this place already! I will come back here for more experience and photos, too! VP_2014_00001-2VP_2014_00005

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